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Adrian Walton

Licensed Representative

Adrian was born in Toronto, Ont. He received his BA in Economics and Political Science from Wilfred Laurier University and York University. He later obtained his Funeral Service Education Diploma in 1996 and his Life License in 2009. Adrian has 20 years of experience in funeral services as well as impressive credentials in education. “I have been helping people of all ages and backgrounds plan their final wishes for many years. When my clients say thanks and I feel so much better now that this is done”…that’s my personal reward”. Adrian’s passion helps families and individual finds solutions that are right for them when planning their Final Wishes. Adrian is an expert in “resolving” practical estate matters; a Certified Executor Advisor with experience in post-funeral family and executor support and all matters pertaining to settling affairs following a death. He also is specialized in all aspects or pre-planning, organizing, documenting and simplifying estate planning for families. Licensed by the Financial Services Commission of Ontario to provide annuity and insurance funding products for final expenses as well as EFA plans for prepaid funeral contracts with licensed Funeral Service Establishments in Ontario. You can also visit me at -

Location :Pickering-Ajax, York Region/Georgina & Orillia

Funeral Establishment Partner(s) :

M.W. Becker Funeral Home (Keswick)
J. Scott Early Funeral Home (Milton)
LeClair Cremation Centre (Midland)

Reach Me At

Direct Line:(416) 707-0693

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